About Us

A Life Without Dreams is Like a Cupcake without Sprinkles....And that is how Victoria Sponge Jersey was created, from just a tiny sprinkle in our eyes.

So here’s a crumb about us… We are full time cake makers and Mum and Dad to two beautiful, busy boys (The Spongelets). We love cake, especially our cake with an added Victoria Sponge twist and most of all a bit of FUN! 

Victoria's love for cake started at a young age whilst baking with her mum and her friends even said instead of going out to play in the Summer holidays she loved to stay home and BAKE! When Victoria's cake making started to gain momentum we never knew it would become this full time cakery and family run business. During the pandemic we were presented with the opportunity to throw all these ingredients into the mix and make this something great!

This is our life, passion and third baby, this little business means so much to us, so firstly thank you for taking the time to find out who we are and what we do. If you would like a treat for your eyes please take the time and follow Victoria Sponge Jersey on Instagram and Facebook and have a look at all our yummy treats we offer on our website. We can't wait to hear from you and bring you tasty CAKE and all this deliciousness.

Sending so much cakey love

Victoria & Luke