What time is delivery? Deliveries go out 8:30 -12.30 Tuesday-Saturday (No deliveries Sunday or Monday) if you require a specific time, please let us know beforehand and we will do our best to make this happen.

What flavours do you do? So, so, so many that it would be totally boring for us to list them all here. Choose a cake from our amazing cake range and then select one of our many flavours from the drop-down menu, super simple right?!

 I have a birthday/event with x number of guests what size cake should I buy? We have various cake sizes available to cater to your event, sizes of our cakes can be found on the cake pages with suggested serving sizes. If you’d like an 8 inch cake for 30 people but you want to eat it all yourself, there’s no judgement here. Channel your inner Bruce Bogtrotter you can do it in one go.   

Can you make this cake? Is it fondant? A bag? A shoe?….. Then no, it’s just not our thang, not that we have anything against fondant well there was this one time but this isn’t the place to talk about that…. We specialise in buttercream deliciousness and super tasty treats that look as good as they taste.

 Do you have availability for this date? The best way to check our availability is to put your desired order in your basket and wait for the calendar to load, the greyed-out dates are unavailable (sorry we are very popular)

 How do I store my cake? On your head just for laughs or in a bed full of giraffes? Please don’t do that it was meant as a joke. Please check the label that came with your cake that has all the deets.

Traveling with your cake although daunting can be successfully achieved by keeping your cake in the fridge before it makes its maiden voyage. They travel best in the boot or footwell of your vehicle rather than Auntie Mabel’s hot, sweaty wobbly lap. Remember please keep your cake out of direct sunlight and sun will make them cry…. then you might too.

 I’m planning on going swimming with my cake, do you have any tips? Yes, it’s funny you should ask although we do create some very beautiful nautically themed cakes It’s just a façade, they make terrible swimming companions and get rather upset when wet, don’t do it. It’s not like a Gremlin situation, your cake unfortunately won’t multiply when wet.

What is a cake topper? We can customise your cake further (I know amazing right) with glitter toppers usually with a name and age or printed designs, think like sports teams, hobbies, characters ect. To get a better idea of what we can do why  not head over to our Facebook & Instagram pages and have a little lookie look.


If there’s anything we have missed, anything you are unsure of or maybe you just want to chat cake, please use the form below.

 If it’s a cakey emergency call 07700737222


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