Cupcake Club

Pssssssssssssst wanna join the tastiest club around? First rule of Cupcake Club is...... you'll want to tell everyone about Cupcake Club because it’s so yummy and it involves FREE CAKE. YAAAAAAAAAAY FREEEEEEE CAKE! So, guys let me give you the cake down...

* Exclusive flavours and offers.

*You can opt in and out as you please.

*It's just £17 per month including delivery. 

*Join for 3 consecutive months and your 4th box is FREE!

*After each delivery get your say and tell us your favourite flavour, the one with the most votes will be added to the website for you to order again.

Talk about the icing on the cupcake and I know exactly what you are thinking, how do I join? Simply fill out our contact us form here
and we will be in touch when our next delivery is headed out. Come and
join our little cakey community of cake LOVERS, you won't be disappointed!

Sending Cakey LOVE Victoria -x-